We utilize cutting edge technology and state of art modern equipment to enhance our value added services and your experience as a client. To ascertain the diagnosis is correct and prompt, all the departments have ultra modern equipment and we are continuously strive to improve, update and add to our fleet. Correct diagnosis made on time is paramount to bring immediate relied and satisfaction to the client, it also improves in building a trusting bond between Bliss GVS Healthcare and the client. In addition to it, prompt diagnosis and associated management leads to significant lesser expenses for the corporate and/or the individual pockets.

We ensure at all times regular servicing and firmware updating of our equipment via annual service contracts with professionals recommended and approved by the company of manufacture, in Kenya. These professionals come quarterly and on special request to check diagnostic equipment for accuracy. Similar mechanism is in place for times when we need to replace any piece of equipment.

Bliss GVS Healthcare boasts a fleet of our own ambulances, ultra modern dental units, a new upcoming physiotherapy unit with specialize equipment, gynecology chairs, acute care unit and resuscitation teams, counselling unit with experienced and licensed professionals, over 3 X-Ray units and 3 Ultrasound stations. We plan to roll out brand new Mammography, CT scan imaging and MRI imaging units in our new uber modern diagnostic centre upcoming in Nairobi.

We have SLA(Service Level Agreements) with ambulance services, diagnostic centers, dialysis units, physiotherapy centers, counselling facilities and Outpatient and Inpatient service providers all over Kenya to ensure our clients get service right at their doorstep no matter which part of Kenya they are in at a given moment.

This diagnostic centre is a proof of our initiative to identify and meet client needs, our commitment to continuously upgrade and enthusiasm to introduce new products and services. As a renowned organization its paramount to maintain and improve on standard practices and services offered within regional healthcare sector.This triggers in healthy and competitive development of regional healthcare sector practices