• Bliss GVS Healthcare is driven by well-versed entrepreneurs, with a vision of becoming a leader in the integrated healthcare space, with a purpose of saving and enriching lives through clinical research and excellence.

    Born out of the principle, that accessible and affordable healthcare should be available to everyone without compromising the quality of service and overall treatment outcome, Bliss GVS Healthcare has already paved its position as a formidable player in fastest growing healthcare sector of East Africa.

    Group Company :

Vision and Mission

  • Vision: “To be preferred choice of healthcare and medical service provider by saving and enriching lives.”
    Mission: To provide affordable and quality healthcare and medical services accessible to all.
    Values: Our Core values are ingrained in all the operations at Bliss GVS Healthcare Ltd. Every staff member abides by it and operates under the guidance of the following values:
    Teamwork: We inculcate open communication in various department where expressing genuine interest in each other’s point of view help in utmost patient care and proper diagnosis
    Caring: Our team of doctors understand the need of patients and provide value added services and personalized healthcare solutions.
    Integrity: We employ fully qualified personnel with professional skills, and openly share these qualifications and skills with our patients.
  • Patient-centric Healthcare: We integrate the personalized data and interactions prompted by the patient. This data will ultimately result in tracking the history of patients and help in other patient management tools.
    Commitment: We are committed to deliver affordable, superior healthcare services to every patient and taking care of their dignity, privacy and individuality.
    Timely Delivery: We ensure timely and correct diagnosis of each patient.
    Innovation: We utilize cutting edge real time internal IT system solutions for seamless movement of samples, medicine procurement and zero-delay report generation.
  • Goals:

    To start comprehensive and high standard diagnostic clinics strategically and geographically spread throughout Kenya.
    To set up and manage in-house clinics on request for large corporates to ensure ease of access.
    To sign up corporate healthcare accounts, insurance accounts, fee for service accounts, family oriented covers, individual covers and general service walk-in patients.
    To provide customised Bliss GVS Healthcare Membership Schemes.
    To arrange for a provision is Ambulance services on request.
    To arrange for the provision of mobile clinics. .
    To conduct general medical education and increase healthcare awareness.
    To provide services to all members of the society-corporate or walk-in, with a focus on those who are devoid from mainstream health service providers due to distance, prohibitive cost and lack of obvious services

Global Presence


Bliss GVS Healthcare aims to undertake and promote scientific and medical research programs that have a bearing on the health, social, economic and industrial needs of Kenya. We are conducting cutting-edge research with following units currently - AMHF and Goldstar.

Backed by our parent company Bliss GVS Pharma which is based in Mumbai, India, we have access to innovation and research in the pharmaceutical space as well.